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Capital Fusion Group was formed in 1992 by experienced corporate finance and business development principals. We focus on financing and developing high growth businesses with a medium term focus on trade based value events or a public market liquidity event.

Capital Fusion Group works with few companies at anyone time and engagements are generally on a medium term basis, enabling us too fundamentally understand and assist clients through to optimal outcomes. Although we are not industry focused, our client companies will have high growth and value potential with strong management skills.

Since its founding Capital Fusion Group has been involved in investment transactions of over $500m.


  • We provide to our clients:

    • A critical assessment of strategic financing and value building options.
    • Access to leading capital providers and brokers appropriate for client industry, goals, and stage of development.
    • Access to a large network of internationally respected experts to assist with particular company needs.
    • Experience in North America, South America, Europe, China, Asia and emerging markets.
    • Expert due diligence, financial accounting and language resources.
  • Our value proposition:

    Enhanced value for shareholders:

    • Increase capital raising ability.
    • Strengthen investment attractiveness
    • Improve corporate image
    • Strengthen company valuation
    • Enhance liquidity potential and shareholder exit opportunities
    • Prepare company for public listing if appropriate.


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Michael LotzMichael Lotz, Managing Partner
Forex Scorpion

I would highly recommend Mr. Mueller as someone who does what he says and always looks out for the best interest of shareholders.

He has a solid grasp of international financing issues and brings unique strategic foresight into everything he is involved with.  Read full reference.

Sandra RederSandra Reder, President & Founder
Vertical Bridge

In all of our dealings with Mr. Mueller we have found him (and his staff) to be professional with a high level of integrity. Mr. Mueller has always ensured that any agreements he has entered into with Vertical Bridge are fair, and he has always honored all the terms and conditions contained within these agreements.  Read full reference.

Michael EvansMichael A. Evans, Principal
Evans & Evans

We consider Mr. Mueller a good client and have had a positive working relationship. Evans & Evans has found him to be professional - on the phone, in person, and in writing - when dealing with our staff. The services provided to Mr. Mueller range from advisory to independent services in ventures where he has been a principal and / or consultant.  Read full reference.

Anthony ChanAnthony Chan, Director
Opal Castle Investments Limited

I have personally known Ingo Mueller for more than 8 years. This Company of which I am a director had co-invested with him with respect to a copper project in South America.

I find Mr. Mueller professional, responsible and effective in his dealings and I continue to have business dealings with him.  Read full reference.

hannam partnersNeil Passmore, CEO
Hannam and Partners

Mr Mueller has been a personal investor in a business at a seed capital stage and has sought our support with further funding and investment or M&A advice.

In all cases we have seen him behave as a true merchant adviser - that is to say he has real capital invested in a situation and then commits considerable of his own energy and working resources to the development of the business.  Read full reference.


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